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Things You Need to Know About Coil Binding

Coil binding is considered to be popular book binding procedure which is used for creating documents, presentation, proposals, and reports. It can be used for business or personal use. The professional quality companies are going to provide you with low quality service. This is process that uses strips of wire or plastic which pass through the holes for binding the paper that is stacked together. This binding procedure is also known as spiral book binding, spiral binding, coil bind, or color coil. Coil bind will add some extra appeal to the document, manual, or report.  Take a look at the benefits of using coil binding in the next project.

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Professional Look

Coil binding can act as the perfect complement for full color and high quality booklet printing or catalogue which can offer an upscale look to take the image of the company to the next level.


Coil spiral binding offers the flexibility in terms of the size, look, and color. thus, it is just the ideal choice for business as you will be able to match the spine of the document to a particular color palette for a brand consistency.


With the help of this binding process, you can make the documents look crisp. As a matter of fact, it can be practical and long-lasting. It will help to protect the materials, make less damage, and keep the pages bound.

Ease of Use

Coil bound documents can open flat on the table or desk. Moreover, it offers a 360 degree rotation for an easy access to the pages within the documents.

Options You Have

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In case of coil binding process, there are only few options that you can go for.  Plastic binding is available in a wide range of sizes.  The length of the coil that is used on the printed piece might range anywhere between 1 top 14 inches.  Even though black is the most common color, there are many different coils to choose from.  If you coordinate the color with the color of your brand, you will be able to tie the marketing materials together and offer a unified look to the customer, employees, and prospects. You will also be able to use the high quality cover to five it a finished look.

One of the primary qualities of spiral coil bind is that it will supply with the availability of varied lengths. A majority of the users buy spiral coils in twelve inch length.  The spine is put within eleven inch document and also the excess length of this coil is then cut and crimped at each end of the book. Nonetheless, the extrusion process of developing the coil binding element will allow it to be created of any length.  Many binding shops opt for the 36 inch length in order to have the flexibility to bind all the custom document sizes and for reducing the weight. If you have to bind documents which are shorter than eleven inches, it is possible to buy shorter lengths of the coil.  This will help you to save both time and money while keeping the things organized.