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Chimney Cleaning: How to Prepare for Colder Weather

Cold and harsh winters are certainly a common occurrence in various regions of Canada. When the temperatures drop, a fireplace is easily one of the most convenient ways to remain warm. However, without Toronto air duct cleaning services, it can quickly become a risk to only yourself but also your property. It is a fact that unclean chimneys are responsible for almost a third of all fires caused by home heating.

To find out how you can ensure a clean chimney while enjoying a warm winter, keep reading.

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Inspect the Chimney Prior to Cleaning

It is vital that you check for signs of damage when you examine your chimney. For the outside of your chimney, inspect for loose bricks and cracked mortar. These issues can result in water penetration and that in turn will damage the flue liner. Additionally, ensure that the chimney damper is working correctly. With time, the heat can end up bending the steel. That will result in cold air entering your home inadvertently.

Prior to cleaning, examine the chimney with a light and find out if there is any buildup of a brown or black color on its sides. Be that as it may, you need to make sure that you do not put your head inside the chimney unless you are wearing proper respiratory protection and eyewear.

It is a good idea to get your chimney inspected by a qualified Toronto air duct cleaning services professional.

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Cleaning Out the Chimney

There is sure to be lots of buildup if the fireplace is used often. This buildup is called creosote and it will accumulate irrespective of the kind of wood used in the fireplace. With time, this buildup can result in serious blockages. Additionally, creosote is extremely combustible. To remove it, a shop vac or a brush can be used.

Even if the chimney is rarely used, you cannot avoid cleaning it out. After all, animals may have built nests inside it. Additionally, previous homeowners, if any, may not have cleaned it. Remember that there are several benefits to getting your chimney cleaned including better heating, fewer repairs and reduced possibility of poisoning by carbon monoxide.

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DIY vs. Professionals

If you choose to clean out the chimney on your own, the costs will certainly be lower upfront. However, there will be more expenses down the line if the chimney fails. As such, you should consider hiring a Toronto air duct cleaning services professional, especially if the chimney has never been cleaned.

After all, Toronto air duct cleaning services professionals will have dealt with all kinds of chimney issues. As such, they can handle any problem that comes. Moreover, their experience enables them to notice subtle signs of potential issues so that you can avoid major ones down the line.

Moreover, Toronto air duct cleaning services professionals will have all the necessary tools necessary for the task. Therefore, there is no need to worry about damages or injuries.

Keep in mind that a clean chimney is just one less thing to worry about during the winter. Hire good professionals to ensure that you will not run into problems in the middle of the winter.