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All you need to know about Commercial safe manufacturing companies

Safes are ever important and are variously used. Both companies and individuals make use of safes. It thereby goes without saying that commercial safes manufacturers are always in demand. Different kinds of safes are used for different purposes. Uses are as varied as keeping jewelry, family heirlooms, or even weapons and also important documents. It is not just any box with a lock that can be called a safe. Choosing the right safe thereby comes down to choosing the right company, and there is a wide range of companies to choose from. Some of them are listed below.

Hamilton Safe

A 1967 company, Hamilton today is one of the largest safe manufacturers in the United States. They cater to private, government and commercial needs. They have vault doors used in banks, safety deposit boxes, and also weapons storage, evidence lockers and the like for government agencies.

commercial safes


This is a company that provides NAS storage, digital safes, and disaster proof hardware. Founded in 2004 in California, they were awarded the Golden Mousetrap in 2006.


Going strong for the last 20 years, this company is a leading manufacturer of safes for your firearms in the latest technology.

American Security

A company of commercial safe manufacturers found in the 1940s developed a brand new door construction technology in the 60s and then in the year 1994 they had developed safes with a composite construction.


This company is specialized in electronic locks, and in-room safes. In the business since 1978, their electronic safe line includes the Infinity II, the Sentinel II, and the Xtra II Floor.

Archival Vaults

This company is specialized in temperature and humidity controlled vaults. this type of safe can protect books, films historical papers and paintings as well.

Eagle Safes

A leading, South Korean commercial safe manufacturer producing since 1973 makes use of advanced technology like CO2 laser cutting machine and roll forming machines which helps them in mass production of products.


This company provides a wide range of high quality safes and locks, all of which are electronic. They also sell mechanical and electronic keyless entry locks. Some of their safes are, LS-17EN, LS-19EPL, LS-SCWM and the like.

Mosler Safe Company

They specialize in fire-resistant home safes, they also have office fire safes, data safes, and the like.

First Alert

A company of over 50 years, they have produced a number of innovative designs. they have a line of water safes, gun cabinets and safes, and also security chests.

Protex safe

Their motto is “We listen. We invent. You gain.” They have a variety of safe lines, including, U.L. rated fire safes, burglary and fire safes, fingerprint safes hotel and personal safes, drop boxes, depository safes, and wall safes.

Other leading Commercial safe manufacturers include; BedBunker, Hollon, Sentry Safe, Schwab corp, Brown safe, Gardall, Onity, BTV, Hayman Safe, Gardex Safes, LEECO, CMI Safe, Inkas Group, BOOIL Safes, McGunn, Meilink, Rhino Metals, Stack-On, and the like.

Thus, every customer needs are catered by these companies, no matter how varied or diverse it may be. You are sure to find your right fit. Read why is it important to buy a safe for your houses!